Linux + Hyper-V = VDI? Part 2   2 comments

So, where are we today with regards to our little checklist? Let’s recap what we need to do:

  • Configure a VM for the first time to accept RDP, redirect the user’s home folder as well as their favorites
  • Make a template out of the VM and generalize it for automatic deployment
  • Manage the actual Hyper-V environment, with or without a clustered platform
  • Manage the virtual machines, including templates and resource management
  • Manage the OS, including patching and troubleshooting
  • Automate the VDI solution as much as possible

So far I’ve managed to get RDP sort of up and running with the xrdp server. I write “sort of” because it lacks a couple of features – the major ones being no support for sound, it’s rather slow and the letter ‘d’ is mapped as a “Show desktop” shortcut, even after I removed the shortcut in Ubuntu.

Some of these might be sorted out in future releases of xrdp or by spending enough time configuring and tinkering with the settings. I don’t have that time though but let’s just cut this part some slack and move on to the next part.

I did not manage to redirect my home folder, nor my favorites but that was just because I almost threw my keyboard out the window every time I pressed ‘d’ and all my windows on my Ubuntu client disappeared. It should be quite doable to mount a Windows/SMB share and then create a symlink to these shares.

The tricky part is to generalize this setup so that any user that logs on gets his/her home folder and favorites. This I have yet to solve but I will give it another stab later, maybe tomorrow.

After that we try to create some sort of template out of the VM. Should be interesting!


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2 responses to “Linux + Hyper-V = VDI? Part 2

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  1. Hi, I am wondering if you were able to find a solution to this problem?
    I am trying to deploy a CentOS 6.3 desktop as a VDI Collection in RDS… I have successfully intalled Linux Integration services 3.4, but when I try to add it to the virtual desktop template i receive the error “could not retrieve the virtual desktop template details”

    • Hi.

      I never did pursue this idea as I couldn’t find a good business perspective on it. As far as I know it shouldn’t be a problem creating a Linx VM template in VMM though.

      Or is your error not related to VMM?

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