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There’s been quite a lot of talk about 5nine’s Hyper-V Manager recently. In light of this I thought I’d put the spotlight on another tool I discovered a couple of weeks ago; vtCommander.

The problem is that they’re the same product.

Understandably confused I shot an e-mail to the 5nine support. Here’s the reply:

5nine Software has OEM-ed ( licensed) VT Commander Management components, while Hyper-V Monitoring was developed, and proprietary to 5nine Software ( VT Technology cross-licensed our Monitor ).

This from Hyper-V Management standpoint current versions of vtCommander and 5nine Manager are basically identical, and this is the reason you get ‘Registration Failed’ message. We control licensing to ensure that you do not get 2 instances of basically the same product on yoru environment.

The difference also is that 5nine has a ‘Free’ version of Hyper-V Manager, while vtCommander does not. Going forward 5nine Software will have another component that are about tobe released – such as Enhanced V2V, Anhanced Monitoring, and other.

If you are buying 5nine Manager -you will need to remove trial version of vtcommander, and install ‘Paid’ of’Free’ version of 5nine Manager, while registering under different e-mail.

At this time though – there is no need, as products are co-branded, unless you want to install Free version of the Manager, and for some reason prefer not to get ‘Full’ version of either product ( which have more features ).

With this in mind I can heartily endorse both the 5nine Manager and vtCommander as they/it saved my bacon during the installation of a rather tricky Hyper-V cluster.


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One response to “vtCommander vs 5nine Manager for Hyper-V

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. This product (vtCommander) was developed and is exclusively owned by VT Technology Inc. 5nine was distributing it for a limited time. That being said 5nine may have developed other wonderful and useful products and components, but they are not related to vtCommander. You can find more information here: http://vttechnology.com/FAQ

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