Problems when modifying VM with invalid virtual network in SCVMM 2012   Leave a comment

Ok, this is a break from the type of posts I’m planning for this blog but since I ran into this just now I thought I’d publish it here just in case some one else finds themselves in the same situation.

I’ve re-designed the lab at our local office and in the process removed a couple of virtual networks from the Hyper-V environment. Even though I wrote scripts to update the majority of our VMs there were a couple of exceptions I needed to handle manually.

One was a template for an OS we never use so I didn’t need it hooked up to any network at all but whenever I tried to save the configuration I got an error from SCVMM:

This puzzled me as the VM wasn’t connected to any network at all:

What I needed to do was to set the network to a valid network:

And then, without applying or saving anything, disconnect the card:

After I’d done this I was able to update the VM without issues.


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