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So, TechEd Europe 2013. My first techEd ever I might add so my recap of the week is not going to be similar to what other blogs might post. I’m pretty sure it’d be different even if this would’ve been my 10th TechEd, but I digress.

Tomorrow I’ll try to go into a little more detail of the sessions I’ve attended and the talks I’ve had with people as I right now just want to go grab a bite to eat and after that take a bath, finish the book I’m reading and then an early night (far too many late nights, as it were).

Going into TEE 2013 I wasn’t sure what to expect and right now, immediately after it’s over, I’m having mixed feelings about the event. Without a doubt these will coalesce into something else over time, perhaps by tomorrow already, so take them with a grain of salt.

The event itself was very well-organized, as should be expected, and IFEMA is a great conference hall (although their toilets make an awful racket when being flushed – seriously, prolonged exposure will give you impaired hearing). While on the subject of toilets, it was very disheartening as well as disgusting to see delegates leave a toilet stall without washing their hands.

Listen, I don’t care what you do at home but in public I expect you to behave as an adult.

The sessions are what gives me mixed feelings as most of them were quite good, some were great and some not all that impressive. I guess I was hoping for the level 300 and 400 sessions to be really technical but it turns out that I got the most useful and interesting information when talking to Microsoft, their partners and other delegates.

Talking to Microsoft, and especially to the “rock stars” like Ben Armstrong, José Barreto, Mark Russinovich, Jeffrey Woolsey and their ilks, wasn’t all that easy though as a lot of delegates didn’t care that there were others besides them that wanted to get a chance to ask questions and instead kept flapping their gums forever.

I understand why this happens, I really do, and I was probably guilty of it myself when chatting with Ben Armstrong during the final minutes of Ask the Experts but to my defense the guy who wanted to chime in was sitting behind me, quiet as a mouse.

Still, annoying as hell having to rush off to the next session having waited for the guy in front of me to stop yapping to no avail.

Would I recommend TEE to my colleagues and customers and others living in Europe? Absolutely. I know the “big one” is in North America but there are a number of pros with going to TEE instead.

First of all; it’s a much shorter (not to mention cheaper) trip. You can spend that time doing something a lot more inspiring than sitting on a plane. Second; all the big names are at TEE as well. There were a couple of speakers that were missing, perhaps because Build was this week as well, but as I mentioned above – all the headlining names were present and accounted for.

Last, but not least; as TechEd North America is held before TEE all the kinks in the keynotes, sessions, hands-on labs, demos, etc. have a chance to be worked out in time for TEE. Because of the scheduling you also have the chance to look through the comments and feedback to the material posted on Channel 9 and even check out some of the recorded sessions if you want to make sure that you attend the right ones.

Ok, enough of this – I’m off to find me some tapas and a beer or two. I’ll be spending the weekend i Madrid but it’d be a shame to let this lovely weather go to waste.

Hasta luego!


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