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So, why should there be another Hyper-V blog and more importantly, why should you read it? Isn’t there enough information about everything on the Internet as it is?

Of course there is.

This blog might be of no use at all to you or quite informative. Perhaps you’ll find it more amusing than useful.

Hyper-V is still a young technology though and if this blog can help one of you to understand it better or give it a try then I claim that the blog and all the work put into it is justified.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about (almost) everything but there is also a lot of noise. Perhaps this blog will need some Dolby B applied to it from time to time but my intention is to help you find the information you need in order to enjoy your Hyper-V environment.

How that will pan out I guess we’ll see in a while. For more about the blog, I recommend the About page.

Posted 27 April, 2011 by martinnr5 in Meta

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