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Some unusual behaviour from Best Practice Analyzer   Leave a comment

A customer of mine recently ran a Best Practices Analyzer scan on his new Hyper-V 2012 setup in order to make sure everything was by the book.

Besides a couple of minor issues one warning stood out to him: “The memory configuration for one or more virtual machines might require the use of Smart Paging if the virtual machine is rebooted, and the specified location for the Smart Paging file is the system disk of the server running Hyper-V.”

He was sure there was no way the Smart Paging file wasn’t located on his CSV’s and decided to check. Sure enough, it’s located on a CSV:

Smart Paging file location

The only hit I get when searching for this exact error message is a TechNet Wiki article telling you not to store the Smart Paging file on the system disk. Thanks, I guess. 🙂

We’ve come to the conclusion that this is a bug in the BPA as it complains on all his VMs, despite them all being correctly configured.

Has any one of you reading this encountered this behaviour?

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