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Three MSPC Fast Track guides released   Leave a comment

Three Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track guides have been released.

The Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program is:

… a joint effort between Microsoft and its hardware partners. The goal of the program is to help organizations decrease the time, complexity, and risk of implementing private clouds. The program provides:

  • Reference implementation guidance: Lab-tested and validated guidance for implementing multiple Microsoft products and technologies with hardware that meets specific, minimum, hardware vendor-agnostic requirements. Customers can use this guidance to implement a private cloud solution with hardware they already own, or that they purchase.
  • Reference implementations: Microsoft hardware partners define physical architectures with computing, network, storage, and value-added software components that meet (or exceed) the minimum hardware requirements defined in the reference implementation guidance. Each implementation is then validated with Microsoft and made available for purchase to customers. Further details can be found by reading the information at Private Cloud How To Buy.

These guides detail the architecture of a Fast Track solution, the operations you perform on a daily basis in your cloud as well as how to actually deploy a private cloud according to the Fast Track program. Together they comprise the Private Cloud Fast Track Reference Implementation Guidance Set.

They’re quite hefty so it’ll take me some time to go through them but on the other hand they’ll make for excellent summer reading.


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