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A gathering of links, part 3   Leave a comment

Sorry for the lack of content. I have something I can write about, I think, but work is getting in the way.

For now, a gathering of links instead.

Cripes! I need to do these more often, this took me forever.

If you find these useful, please rate this blog post or leave a comment. There’s really no need for me to spend my morning doing this if no-one’s going to read it. 🙂

TechEd Europe 2013 – The rest   Leave a comment

Here’s the rest of the stuff I picked up at TechEd Europe that I felt that I couldn’t fit into any of the other posts. This will not be arranged in any particular order so apologies in advance for that. Also, this isn’t a very long post as most of the important stuff is included in my other TechEd posts.

One thing I’m really interested in is using the cloud – which in my case means Azure – to host your test and QA environments. I have one customer in particular that could really benefit from this as they A) have a huge amount of test and QA server in their own (static) data center which equates to a lot of wasted resources and B) haven’t got enough test and QA environments, resulting in the dreaded “test in production” syndrome.

This customer is quite large though and as I mentioned their data center is anything but dynamic so introducing this model is going to be a huge uphill struggle, both from an economic standpoint as well as a political one.

It is very interesting though so I’ll work on a small and simple proposal to test the waters and see what their reaction is.

Speaking of Azure, the new Windows Azure Pack for your private cloud is another interesting subject but I haven’t had the time to read up on it. I just wanted to mention that one idea that Microsoft presented was to use it as a portal for VMM but when I questioned them why this was a better idea than using App Controller or Service Manager I couldn’t really get a straight answer from them.

As I said though, an interesting subject and I’ll try to get back to it later on.

Finally a short note on the new quorum model in Windows Server 2012 R2. The model is very simple now and is just a vote majority where both nodes and the witness disk gets a vote. The dynamic quorum model automatically calculates what gets a vote though so the best practice from Microsoft is to always add a witness disk and then let the quorum decide if the disk should have a vote or not.

The same dynamic also adjusts for failures in nodes or the witness disk so that a cluster can withstand a lot more abuse now. When talking to Ben Armstrong about a customer that might scale up to roughly 30 hosts he mentioned that one subject that Microsoft needs to communicate better is the fact that large clusters aren’t a problem, especially not in 2012 R2.

And that wraps up my TechEd Europe 2013 notes. I probably missed something or talked about something more than once but so be it. If you should have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thanks for reading.

Problems when modifying VM with invalid virtual network in SCVMM 2012   Leave a comment

Ok, this is a break from the type of posts I’m planning for this blog but since I ran into this just now I thought I’d publish it here just in case some one else finds themselves in the same situation.

I’ve re-designed the lab at our local office and in the process removed a couple of virtual networks from the Hyper-V environment. Even though I wrote scripts to update the majority of our VMs there were a couple of exceptions I needed to handle manually.

One was a template for an OS we never use so I didn’t need it hooked up to any network at all but whenever I tried to save the configuration I got an error from SCVMM:

This puzzled me as the VM wasn’t connected to any network at all:

What I needed to do was to set the network to a valid network:

And then, without applying or saving anything, disconnect the card:

After I’d done this I was able to update the VM without issues.

Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager now available   Leave a comment

The Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager is now available for download.

I haven’t taken a look at it myself but hope to be able to do so tomorrow.

Here’s a short description of it from the official announcement:

This guide outlines the elements that are crucial to an optimized design of Virtual Machine Manager. It leads you through a process of identifying the business and technical requirements for managing virtualization, designing integration with Operations Manager if required, and then determining the number, size, and placement of the VMM servers. This guide helps you to confidently plan for the centralized administration of physical and virtual machines.

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Getting ready for Build   Leave a comment

I won’t be going myself but there’s a ton of sources for information about Build so make sure your twitter clients and RSS readers are at their ready. 🙂

As for my own projects I have a few on the stove. One is a presentation on SCVMM 2012 and “Hyper-V 3.0” that I’ll be doing internally for my colleagues which is why I’m looking forward to Build even more than I normally would.

There’s another project I’m mucking about with that I’ll hopefully be posting about in a short while.

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Weekly Wiki Watch   Leave a comment

A lot later today than planned, sorry about that.

This weeks articles are all bout System Center Virtual Machine Manager and, understandably, mostly about the 2012 beta.

I think it’s great that we see this amount of information about the 2012 beta, it should give as many as possible a sporting chance to give it a try.

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Weekly Wiki Watch   Leave a comment

Since there’s such a wealth of blogs that round up all the KB articles for you ( is one prime example) I thought I’d try and sort through all the TechNet Wiki entries (in english) for you that’s been posted the past week instead. (Spring and summer is a very intense period for me as I own a house which is why these posts will be up Sunday morning CET.)

Not a lot this week though:

The MAP tool is well worth a taking a look at as it can be very helpful.

Let me know if you want me to try and give a quick review of each of the entries along with the links to them.

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